The PhD research projects are embedded in the research groups working in the area of quantum sciences. It takes three to maximum four years to complete a doctorate. All students of the PhD School „Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies“ have to compile at least 18 credit points (ECTS) until the registration to the doctoral examination.

There two Modules (1) Module Quantum and (2) Module Career.

Module Quantum (minimum 15 ECTS)

There are several specific courses for PhD QCQT students.
Students have also the possibility to attend relevant lectures at the ETH Zurich and can participate in various courses and events of the NCCR QSIT, e.g. QSIT Winter School, General Meeting, PhD-Research-Meeting etc. In addition to that, after consultation with your PI, some courses of the Master program can be accredited for the PhD School QCQT (e.g. Quantum Optics, Quantum Information, Fundamental Electronics, Quantum Condensed Matter).

Module Career (minimum 3 ECTS)

This module comprises interdisciplinary courses of the University of Basel as well as accredited courses of other institutions, who provide the PhD students with further important scientific or non-scientific professional skills, e.g. courses in career development, rhetoric, start-up, patents, crisis management, science ethics, or technology transfer. The executive committee decides which courses will be accredited.