QC2 Center

Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Coherence

The Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Coherence (QC2) devotes its research to quantum-confined semiconductors, superconductors, topological quantum materials, light-matter interaction, magnonic insulators, strongly interacting quantum matter, quantum transport etc. with a focus on quantum computing and quantum information science. A common theme in quantum computing is the physics of quantum coherence and quantum entanglement in a noisy many-body environment and how to maintain and control them efficiently.
The ultimate goal of this research is to determine if a scalable quantum computer – the holy grail of quantum science – is allowed under realistic conditions by the laws of nature. This has become one of the most challenging and fundamental questions in modern physics, both in experiment and theory. The research in this area is extremely rich and broad, providing a most attractive learning and working environment for enthusiastic talents with many scientific and professional career opportunities.

The QC2 center was established in 2005 by research groups in both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. The center is closely interacting with the Swiss national center on quantum computing with spin qubits, NCCR Spin, led by the same university in close collaboration with IBM Zurich, ETHZ, and EPFL.

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