We aim at attracting outstanding PhD students from in- and outside of Switzerland in the field of Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology and providing training at the forefront of research in this field.


Potentially successful candidates have to meet the following main criteria:

  • Very good Master’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • Capacity or good previous knowledge in Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology and/or the respective basics
  • Convincing/proven interest and motivation in Quantum Computing and Quantum Technology
  • Publications in a relevant research field are desirable

Admission Procedure

As a potential candidate for the PhD School you have to

  • Verify if you are eligible for the Physics doctoral degree program. As a condition for admission into the Physics doctoral degree program, the University of Basel requires a master’s degree (usually, but not necessarily, in Physics) or a degree considered equivalent to a master’s degree. Click here for details or contact the admissions office for specific information. For applicants holding another type of degree, the admissions committee of the Faculty of Science decides case-by-case whether the degree can be considered equivalent to a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in general is considered insufficient for an admission into the doctoral degree program.
  • Identify the field of research you are being interested
  • Apply directly to the professor heading the research group (, submitting the following documentation:
  • Transcript of BSc and MSc diploma
  • CV
  • Motivational Letter
  • Publications (if there is/are)
  • Once you have been accepted by a professor for a PhD at the department (or at an accredited partner institution of the PhD School QCQT), you can apply for the admission to the PhD School QCQT.
  • Submit the same documentation as mentioned above to the PhD School’s program coordinator (
  • Applications are being accepted on a continuing basis
  • Important general information regarding the admission to the doctoral degree program in Physics at the University of Basel

PhD Excellence Fellowships

Visit the QCQT PhD School site, learn more about research groups, available projects, and apply for an Excellence Fellowship!