Wave-particle duality of many-body quantum states

Speaker: Christoph Dittel (ALU Freiburg, A. Buchleitner group)

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Title: Wave-particle duality of many-body quantum states

Speaker: GHE Fellow C. Dittel (Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, A. Buchleitner group)

Date: June 22nd 2021 @ 2pm

Place: Online zoom seminar


We formulate a general theory of wave-particle duality for many-body quantum states, which quantifies how wave- and particle-like properties balance each other. Much as in the well-understood single-particle case, which-way information — here on the level of many-particle paths — lends particle character, while interference — here due to coherent superpositions of many-particle amplitudes — indicates wave-like properties. We analyze how many-particle which-way information, continuously tunable by the level of distinguishability of fermionic or bosonic, identical and possibly interacting particles, constrains interference contributions to many-particle observables and thus controls the quantum-to-classical transition in many-particle quantum systems. The versatility of our theoretical framework is illustrated for Hong-Ou-Mandel- and Bose-Hubbard-like exemplary settings.