Magnetic Phase Transitions in 2D Two-Valley Semiconductors with In-Plane Magnetic Field

Speaker: Dmitry Miserev (University of Basel, J. Klinovaja group)

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Title: Magnetic Phase Transition in 2D Two-Valley Semiconductors with In-Plane Magnetic Field

Speaker: GHE Fellow D. Miserev (Univ. of Basel, D. Loss group)

Date: October 6th 2020 @ 12:15pm

Place: Online zoom seminar


A two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in two-valley semiconductors has two discrete degrees of freedom given by the spin and valley quantum numbers. We analyze the zero-temperature magnetic instabilities of two-valley semiconductors with SOI, in-plane magnetic field, and electron-electron interaction. The interplay of an applied in-plane magnetic field and the SOI results in non-collinear spin quantization in different valleys. Together with the exchange intervalley interaction this results in a rich phase diagram containing four non-trivial magnetic phases. The negative non-analytic cubic correction to the free energy, which is always present in an interacting 2DEG, is responsible for first order phase transitions. Here, we show that non-zero ground state values of the order parameters can cut this cubic non-analyticity and drive certain magnetic phase transitions second order. We also find two tri-critical points at zero temperature which together with the line of second order phase transitions constitute the quantum critical sector of the phase diagram. The phase transitions can be tuned externally by electrostatic gates or by the in-plane magnetic field.