Further information for applicants

  1. Note that “just finished a PhD in experimental or theoretical physics” does not define a sharp time line. The selection committee will always ponder quality, creativity, autonomy, and experience in the attempt to do proper justice to each individual application.
  2. Fellows will be hosted into one of the involved research groups at the University of Freiburg (Germany). The PIs in charge of these groups are listed under https://www.quantum.unibas.ch/g-h-e-postdoc-cluster/organization/.
  3. Applicants are encouraged to contact the PI whom they consider the most suitable host, prior to submitting their official application. The application should contain relevant information on that PI’s endorsement (like a support letter).
  4. Given the cluster’s purpose to bridge and combine scientific activities at its two nodes in Basel and Freiburg, successful applicants will choose a scientific co-host at the partner institution in Basel. Applicants who can identify such a co-host (see the PI-list) already at the application stage are welcome and encouraged to do so.