Associate Georg H. Endress fellows

Associate GHE Fellows are former GHE Fellows that are still active in the Cluster and are now funded by other means.

Christoph Dittel

Buchleitner group (FR)Bruder group (BS)

Dr. Christoph Dittel

G.H.E. Fellow: ALU Freiburg

G.H.E. Funding period: Nov. 2019 – April 2021

  • PhD: Univ. of Innsbruck, 2019
  • MSc: Univ. of Innsbruck, 2014
  • BSc: Univ. of Innsbruck, 2012
Research interests

Quantum interference, many-body quantum physics, quantum information, quantum computation, foundations of quantum mechanics

Research team
  • Eric Brunner (associate PhD candidate)
  • Gabriel Dufour (associate senior scientist)
  • Giulio Amato (associate PhD candidate)
  • Jonathan Brugger (PhD candidate)
  • Kabir Njoya (associate PhD candidate)
  • Katrina Wharam (BSc student)

Edoardo Carnio

Buchleitner group (FR) / Treutlein group (BS)

Dr. Edoardo Carnio

G.H.E. Fellow: ALU Freiburg

G.H.E. Funding period: Sept. 2018 – Dec. 2020

  • PhD: Univ. of Warwick, 2018
  • MSc: ALU Freiburg, 2014
  • BSc: Univ. of Trieste, 2012
Research interests

Quantum sensing, open quantum systems, quantum correlations, transport phenomena, Anderson localisation, disordered systems, nonlinear spectroscopy

Research team
  • Andris Ērglis (associate PhD candidate – QUSTEC)
  • David Bachmann (associate PhD candidate)
  • Fabian Spallek (associate PhD candidate)
  • Frieder Lindel (PhD candidate)
  • Lukas Pausch (associate PhD candidate)
  • Mathieu Isoard (associate senior scientist)
  • Mehdi Belhaj (MSc student)
  • Stephanie Emig (associate BSc student)
  • Stefan Y. Bumann (associate senior scientist – Univ. of Kassel)
  • Vyacheslav Shatokhin (associate senior scientist)

Dmitry Miserev

Loss group (BS) / Breuer group (FR)

Dr. Dmitry Miserev

G.H.E. Fellow: Univ. of Basel

G.H.E. Funding period: May 2018 – April 2021

  • PhD: UNSW, Sydney, 2018
  • MSc: Novosibirsk State University, 2013
  • BSc: Novosibirsk State University, 2011
Research interests

Quantum materials, spin qubits, decoherence, topological quantum computing, Majorana fermions, hybrid semiconductor-superconductor structures

Junichi Okamoto

Thoss group (FR) / Bruder group (BS)

Dr. Junichi Okamoto

G.H.E. Fellow: ALU Freiburg

G.H.E. Funding period: Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2021

Previous posts
  • Postdoc: Univ. of Hamburg, 2014-2017
  • PhD: Columbia University, New York, 2014
Research interests

Quantum non-equilibrium, strongly correlated electrons, quantum gases, and non-equilibrium physics